The signal journey ends here

Have you reached your original performance requirements?
A: Yes. To the best of our knowledge (and we would be happy to find out that we are wrong) an amp of this performance level was never built before. We are proud of reaching this level of performance without using any Diamond Shaped Cristallized silver wires with Reflown Teflon insulation, or coils wired and blessed by Tibetan monks, $25/pc. teflon capacitors pulled from the USSR army NOS or absurdly expensive "sound neutral" electrolytics.

Q: Ok, but how does it sound?
A: The idea to build such an amp was the same as behind climbing Mount Everest - because it is there and because it should be possible. This amp is, before anything else, a wonderful piece of engineering. As of the sound: right now, to the extent we are able to evaluate, it sounds precise and pure as a swiss engine, extremely dynamic and totally transparent. In a word (to our taste) it sounds great. Read here a short version of the listening tests we were able to organize so far. This is an ongoing process, so stay tuned!

Q: Ok, you did it, now what?
A: No, we are not done yet. See below for a short synopsis on what's on the drawing board.

Q: How much would it cost to build this puppy?
A: Our estimate is of about $150-$170 per channel, in parts and PCBs. A full stereo amp (including power supply, heatsinks and case) could be built most likely for well under $1000. A brand name amp with measured performances in the same class currently sells for $40,000! However, the mandatory one-time investment in test equipment (which  is well into the thousands range) is a different story, EBay should be your friend... Your investment in knowledge and experience: priceless!

Q: Are you selling PCBs, parts or any other hardware components?
A: No, you are on your own. We believe that this amp was build using fairly standard parts, in current production, so you should be able to source them yourself. We are though willing to offer design and support services for any entity that believes in our view of high performance audio. Contact us if you are interested!

Q: How can I find more about your work?
A: Contact us. We would be happy to respond your questions. Bear in mind though - there are only so many hours a day and our families are yearning for some more attention...
A glimpse into the future
Stay tuned... More projects are underway!
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