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Last updated: Sep 9th, 2011
Welcome to my web site, dedicated to the world of DIY Audio.

Designing, building and testing (including auditions!) of any audio equipment that would qualify as "high end" is no easy job. You will find here detailed information that will hopefully help in achieving audio performances accesible so far to only a few initiated individuals and specialized companies. There is no free lunch - this level of performance is coming to a price, the price of complexity. Hence, none of the projects presented here is an easy ride -  however the satisfaction to tear down technological and psychological barriers is certainly worth the effort!

I personally do not enjoy complexity per se. Things should be as complex as needed, but not more than that! If there are ways to simplify these designs, while keeping the same level of performance, just let me know and I'll be happy to review any ideas!

It should be mentioned upfront that there's no business behind this web site. I do not sell any PCBs, parts and offer only very limited free support by email. There are only so many hours a day, I have a dayjob and a family to take care of! You can contact me with comments, blog account requests, questions, etc... at opopa at rogers dot com, but don't hold your breath for an instant response.
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